Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Declaration of Stay Above the Weather! Please read and Share!!

 Everyone please read this and share it
 with your friends and family!

     Many folks have been asking "What is Stay Above the Weather?"  Management has been reluctant to provide an official explanation, since the Fine Art of Staying Above It is inherently personal and individualistic.  A cookie cutter response to this timeless question, we thought, would be a disservice to all those Dedicated to the Fine Art.  But as Stay Above the Weather has grown, Management has changed its tune, as confusion is necessarily Below the Weather.  What follows is the official Declaration of Stay Above the Weather.

The Declaration of Stay Above the Weather

Our communities are engulfed in a collective malaise. Our minds are filled with thoughts and images of war, terrorism, economic depression, disease, corruption, and scandal.  We are all affected by this overwhelming negativity, ceding control of our destiny to institutional and corpro-goverment interests that are often too large to even comprehend.  Banks, governments, insurance companies, tax collectors, lobbyists, bosses, school administrators, and talking heads are all in the business of exploiting the good people of our cities, towns,
and countrysides, and they are succeeding.

Fortunately, we do not go down without a fight.  We, the People of this great nation, as well as others world wide, are battling to take back control of our collective lives.  Some have gathered in town squares waving Tea Bags above their heads demanding freedom.  Others have decended upon city centers armed with tents, cardboard signs, and loud voices.  Some turn to established religion, and others seek salvation from the very crony corpro-politicians that have been exploiting us all along.

At Stay Above the Weather, we do not deride any of these methods of taking back control.  We just think that for the vast majority of Us, waving tea bags, holding cardboard signs, praying, or voting are not the best options.  To all the rest, We recommend Staying Above the Weather.  There are an infinite number of ways to Stay Above it, and members of Stay Above the Weather Nation have been sharing these methods since our inception in mid July.  Surfing, fising, playing golf, rock climbing, late night guacamole, a frosty beverage on a warm day, or cooking and eating a delicious meal with good friends are all fantastic ways to Stay Above the Weather.  And if you are Above It, no amount of greed, corruption, debt, taxation, or any other negativity that the wind blows in can Get You Down.

So please take this Declaration as a Call to Action.  Let us reclaim our lives from the forces of negativity by Staying Above the Weather!  Stoke is infectious, so as you find great ways to Stay Above it, please share them with your communities.  This is our purpose, to provide a platform for all those Dedicated to the Fine Art of Staying Above the Weather to share their methods.  If we all find our own way to Stay Above it, We, the People, will regain control of our collective destiny.

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, or to Stay Above the Weather!  So Learn it, Live it, Love it, Stay Above it, the Weather!  Because it really does not make any sense to let the Weather Get You Down!


Stay Above the Weather

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